September 4, 2016

Google Adwords – Expanded Text Ads

Google introduced a while ago expanded text ads, an update to the regular or standard text ads within Adwords paid ads. What changed is the length and structure. Below I summarize the main changes, as it’s good for all of us to understand how these works, whether we are brainstorming the ads or figuring out how to translate them. I’ve also updated the shared translation file and will explain how it works.

What are Adwords’ Expanded Text Ads?

Instead of 1 header line, there’s now 2 (max. 30 characters each), and the description field is now 1×80 characters instead of 2×35. Also the display URL field (= the web address shown in the ad, which doesn’t need to be the exact landing URL but should give a hint where you are landing) is now made of 2 fields, max. 15 characters each.

The main reason for the change is the responsiveness, as Google wants to show the same ads across all devices and this structure makes it easier. On desktop/tablet devices, full ad is usually shown. On mobile devices, shorter version could be shown — headline 1 always stays, headline 2 might not be shown (see below)

Adwords Expanded Text Ads | Ekman Expedition Productions

Adwords Expanded Text Ads | Ekman Expedition Productions


Why to use Adwords Expanded Text Ads?

Old (=standard) text ads can not be created from 26th of October 2016 , so we need to start to use them anyway. Standard text ads created before that date keep running though.

New expanded text ads are bigger, so early adopters should gain a nice competitive boost by expanding their presence on the search results page. Most probably the transition percentage won’t be 100% even in a years time so no worry if you are still to redo your ads.

Expanded Text Ads have also been “designed for mobile-first world” like Google puts it, so they automatically work optimally whether viewed on desktop or mobile device.

If you are supporting multilingual market, extra space should also ease the pain of translating your ads to different languages.


If you need help updating your Adwords campaigns with latest features, or are just getting started, drop us a short note and we’ll be in contact!



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