Welcome! We offer digital marketing consultation services for medium and large businesses, looking to expand their digital marketing knowledge and build inhouse teams. Our aim is to get your team up and running and working independently with clear process frameworks and team setup and producing measurable results.


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Hi! We are digital marketing consultants, helping businesses to adopt digital marketing processes and kicking off their own specialized digital marketing teams.

Our key specialty areas are: Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Account Based Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Storytelling.



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How to add social media to your marketing campaign

Content 1.    Select the right channel(s) 2.    Plan & Produce/Repurpose the content 3.    Post to social networks 4.    Boost social posts / run paid social campaigns 5.    Image & Video specs on social 1. Select the right channel(s) LinkedIn Tone of voice / content format: LinkedIn’s audience is looking for business-related material, posts that inform …


Should you be interested to discuss a project with us, please reach out by email: services@xpedition.fi